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Serviens Homini Per Scientiam

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Jhandewalan Delhi -110032 (India)
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Heat & Sound Light Electricity Mechanics Electronics New Physics Experiments  


Steam Boiler with Water Gauge

Block Calorimeter

Wood and Metal Rods

Rods for Thermal Conductivity Experiments

Thermal Conductivity of Metals Apparatus

Ingen - Hausz's Apparatus

Searle's Apparatus for Thermal Conductivity of Copper


Convection in Water Apparatus

Convection in Air Apparatus


Hope's Apparatus

Expansion of Liquids Apparatus

Ring and Ball

Bar and Gauge

Bar Breaking Apparatus

Charles Law Apparatus

Compound Bar

Linear Expansion Apparatus

Regnault Hygrometer


Copper Calorimeter

Bar Breaking Apparatus

Aluminium Calorimeter

Calorimeter Stirrer

Joule's Calorimeter

Metal Block Calorimeter with heater

Heat Radiation

Radiation Kit

Radiant Heat Source

Constant Volume Air Thermometer

Crooks Radiometer

Jolly's Apparatus

Heat Specific Capacity

Clement and Desormes Apparatus

Constant Flow Calorimeter

Capacity of Solids Apparatus

'J' Apparatus

Thermo Emf



Sound Equipment
Tuning Forks
Resonance boxes
Ripple tank
Wave machine
Siren disc
Bell in and Bell jar
Resonance Apparatus

Sound And Waves

Available specially designed Heat Kits and Sound Kits, supplied in a box, containing all components to perform upto 10-15 experiments.
NOTE: The above list is only Indicative and not Exhaustive. Please contact us for further information on tailor made items.