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Serviens Homini Per Scientiam

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Heat & Sound Light Electricity Mechanics Electronics New Physics Experiments  

Teaching Aids

Ohm's Law kit

Kirchoff's Law kit

Logic trainers - Integrated and Digital

Study of Gates 

Study of Logic Gates

Study of CRO

Characteristic apparatuses - diode, triode, tetrode, pentode, semiconductor diode, Zener transistor, LED, FET, MOS, SCR, UJT, Diac and Triac
Study of L-C-R circuits
Study of Power supplies
Study of Photo - Voltaic cells
Amplifier kit - transistor, FET, Mosfet and others
Oscillators - Hartley, Colpitts and Wein Bridge
A to D and D to A converters, Binary counters
Different motor controls - micro-processor based
Telephone exchange trainer - micro-processor based
Study of micro-processors - 8085, 8086
Generators - function and audio

Moisture Testing Machines

Test machines for food grains, oilseeds and vegetable seeds


5 Mhz
10 Mhz
20 Mhz

Digital Moisture Testing Machine



Power Supplies

Analog meter

Grain Moisture Analyser

Digital meter
High Voltage power supplies
Low Voltage power supplies
Available specially designed Electronics Kits, supplied in a box, containing all components to perform upto 10-15 experiments.
NOTE: The above list is only Indicative and not Exhaustive. Please contact us for further information on tailor made items.