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Heat & Sound Light Electricity Mechanics Electronics New Physics Experiments  

Measuring Forces

Spring balance - flat and tubular, plastic and metal body, calibrated in Kgs. and Newtons

Universal Force Table

Platform, Lever and Triple beam balance

Analytical and Electrical balance

Two pan balance



Fractional weights

Weight boxes
Hexagonal cast iron weights with lifted rings
Slotted weights with hanger - cast iron, steel, brass and aluminium


Single, Double and Triple plastic, aluminium and brass pulleys

Triple Beam Balance

Pulley block kit

Rod mounting pulley

Bench clamp and Wooden pulleys

Wheel and axle

Friction and Levers

Inclined plane

Lever kit

Friction board apparatus

Cube Sets


Cube Sets



Material Kit

Elastic material kit

Centripetal force kit

Various types of springs


Young's modulus apparatus - simple

Searle's apparatus

Hooke's law apparatus


Liquid level apparatus

Boyle's Law Apparatus

Force and Lift pump
Pascals law apparatus
Hydraulic press
Searle's surface tension apparatus
Hare's apparatus

Properties of Gases

Boyle's law apparatus

Charles law apparatus

Magdenburg hemisphere

Mechanical and Automobile Models

Set of 55 Transparent low priced models to illustrate principle of gears, pulleys, cams, couplings

Engine Model

Whitworth motion

Lathe thread cutting and others

Model of clutch, brake, gear box, differential, steering

4 and 2 stroke Petrol and Diesel engines
Wankel engines
Turbines and Pumps

Other Apparatus

Universal force table

Linear Air Track

Dynamic and Fletcher's trolley

Ticker tape timer by free fall apparatus

Linear Air track

Law of momentum
Collisons apparatus
Air pump
Archimedes principle
Kinetic theory model
Kater's Pendulum
Pendulum Oscillator
Available specially designed Mechanical Kits, supplied in a box, containing all components to perform upto 10-15 experiments.
NOTE: The above list is only Indicative and not Exhaustive. Please contact us for further information on tailor made items.