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Serviens Homini Per Scientiam

76 HSIIDC Ambala  Cantt 133001 (India)
Ph: +91-9466851455, 9812002306 
Delhi Office : 244 UGF, Anarkali Bazar
Jhandewalan Delhi -110032 (India)
Ph : + 91- 9466851455
+91 7206052306
e-mail : sales@osawindia.net

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Physics Heat & Sound Light Electricity Mechanics Electronics

Intermediate and Research Spectrometers

Acrylic Blocks

Prisms, Crown Glass, Flint Glass ( Extra Dense), Gratings

Spectrum Tubes and Lamps

Ray Optics Kit

Hartley Optical Disc

Light Gratings and Polarizing Filters

Compact Light Source

Glass and Acrylic Lenses, Mirrors, Prisms, Slabs and Magnifiers

Optical Benches

Light Box

Light Box and Optical Set

Ray Track Apparatus

Astronomical, Reading and Terrestial Telescopes

Simple Direct Vision Spectroscope with Calibrated Reticle

Newton's Ring Apparatus

Bunsen's Grease Photometer

Periscope Model

Pinhole Camera Kit
One Axis, Two Axis and Three Axis Vernier Microscopes and Cathetometers
Laurantz Half Shade and Bi quartz Polarimeter Polarizer and Analyser

Various Optical Instruments

Angle Decker and Autocollimator
Micrometer Sextants
Laser Light Source and Optical Kits
Photo and Lux Meter
Michelson's and Fabry Perot Interferometer, Tymans Green Interferometer
Overhead and Slide Projectors, Episcopes and Epidiascopes
Available specially designed Light Kits, supplied in a box, containing all components to perform upto 10-15 experiments.
NOTE: The above list is only Indicative and not Exhaustive. Please contact us for further information on tailor made items.