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Serviens Homini Per Scientiam

76 HSIIDC Ambala  Cantt 133001 (India)
Ph: +91-9466851455, 9812002306 
Delhi Office : 244 UGF, Anarkali Bazar
Jhandewalan Delhi -110032 (India)
Ph : + 91-9466851455
+91 7206052306
e-mail : sales@osawindia.net

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Heat & Sound Light Electricity Mechanics Electronics New Physics Experiments  


Rheostats - open, perforated cover, loading, eureka and kanthal wound

Demo Dynamo

Circuit Boards - Worcestor

Capacitance and Inductance Boxes (fixed and decade)

Solar Energy Kits

Resistance Coils - rectangular, hexagonal, circular, transparent tube 

Meters - moving coil, moving iron, desk, portable and watt, Spot reflecting, ballistic and De' Arsonal Galvanometers, Interscale demonstration meter
Potentiometer - single, two and ten wires, decade, dial, crompton, digital and vernier

Magnet Kit in Thermocole Case

Accessories for Potentiometers, Standard cell, Galvanometer and Volt Ratio box
Bridges - Wheatstone, Anderson, Maxwell, Schering, Wein's, De Sauty and Kelvin
Plug and Dial Resistance Boxes, Carbon, Manganin and Constantan Resistors


Van de Graff generator

Gold Leaf electroscope
Accessories for Gold Leaf


Dissectible Transformer

Floating Ring Magnets

Induction Coil


Westminster Kit

Oersteds Apparatus
Model of motor and dynamo
Morse Key


Round, Cylindrical, Bar, Horse shoe, Ball ended and 'U' shaped magnets

Pocket Compass

Ferrite, Alnico and Chrome steel magnets
Dip's Circle
Available specially designed Electrical Kits, supplied in a box, containing all components to perform upto 10-15 experiments.
NOTE: The above list is only Indicative and not Exhaustive. Please contact us for further information on tailor made items.